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Application Processing

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Content Management

Put essential government information at citizens’ fingertips while increasing accessibility and usefulness 

Who we serve

Drawing on a long history of providing information-based services to both the public sector and the global intellectual property market, LexisNexis Reed Tech is uniquely qualified to offer patent authorities and other government agencies operational support across the world.

Patent Authorities

Having served as a trusted partner of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for over 50 years, LexisNexis has unparalleled expertise in the patent application process and patent evaluation and assessment procedure requirements. We know the disparate regulations, statutes, information, digital and physical security requirements facing patent offices and patent application filers, making us uniquely qualified to deliver the technologies and services patent offices need to meet their statutory requirements.

Government Agencies

LexisNexis’s solutions give agencies the tools to implement robotic process automation (RPA) and improve workflows that free up staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks. Through our solutions, government agencies can put their mountains of data to work for them to gain actionable insights, improve decision making, and ultimately deliver essential information to the citizens that need it in a faster and simpler manner.


Partnering with LexisNexis Reed Tech

We enable thousands of customers in more than 40 countries worldwide to transform their processes and overcome their most critical information and data challenges.

We maintain an overall quality rate greater than 99.99 percent in our data and document services work for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


We operate in compliance with jurisdictional laws and our own rigorous standards for ethical practices.


We ingest and process more than one million documents per day.

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