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Bringing together data and analytics to keep our customers innovating

At LexisNexis Reed Tech, our mission and purpose is to enable the advancement of humanity by delivering better outcomes to the innovation community. Our business is a division of LexisNexis Legal and Professional, a leading global provider of legal, regulatory, business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world.

A family of data & analytics leaders

RELX, the LexisNexis parent company, is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. Serving customers in 180+ countries worldwide and approximately 20,000 employees.

LexisNexis Legal is a division of RELX combining unparalleled legal and business information with analytics and technology to advance what’s possible for the way our customers work and to advance what’s possible in the world by strengthening the rule of law.


LexisNexis ReedTech, a division of LexisNexis Legal, enables the advancement of humanity through workflow and analytic solutions for life sciences, corporate, legal, and government clients.

Business & security credentials

Current business & employee credentials

We employ the latest security requirements and certifications. Our credentials are always up-to-date and compliant with local, federal, and international laws.

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